Not perfect, but hand poured

I started Waterloo Candle in 2019 and could NOT be happier. After working in the sales org for years, I was incredibly unfulfilled. At the beginning of this year, I decided to leave that field and work on pursuing something that my heart was in.

I finally decided on what I wanted to do and that was making candles. My first step was research, research, research. After that, I hit the ground running to find as many local suppliers as possible and then moved on to my testing phasing. After many long days, I finally had a product I was super happy with. I also knew that I was trying to make a product that I also would enjoy (I now fashion myself a persnickety candle person).

It was finally down to my branding and how I wanted to present my candles to the world. I settled on the name of Waterloo Candle, with the Austin metro being my new home. I felt it was a nice homage to this area that I love. All of the designs were made by me from scratch and I genuinely adore my finished products (and obviously hope you all do too).

Please always let me know if you have any feedback! Your opinion matters and is invaluable. I look forward to growing my company and putting customer service at the forefront. Thank you for allowing me to provide you with my candles. :)