Care instructions

- Please ensure you let your candle form a full melt pool, during the first burn. This will create a memory burn and promote even burning for the remaining duration of the candle. 
- If your candle wick starts producing any black smoke, it is time to trim your wick back down to 1/4 of an inch.
- To trim your wick, use a sharp pair of scissors or a wick trimmer.

Why has my candle yellowed?

Some of my fragrance oils contain vanillin (an organic component of vanilla bean) and it often starts to yellow un-dyed wax. My candles are dye free, so this might occur. The candle is fine to use and this should not affect the integrity at all.


Why is the top of my candle rough after burning?

This is a natural occurrence of all-natural soy candles! This is also a good tell to test if soy candles you have purchased are indeed pure soy. Companies occasionally blend waxes (soy and paraffin) to prevent this from happening.


Why is my wick popping or producing more smoke?

This generally means you need to trim your wick back down to 1/4 in. Before you light your candle again and after it has returned to a solidified state, trim your wick back down.